Dopamine is an attempt to capture the emotions that the brain navigates through due to excess or lack of Dopamine..Dopamine, the hormone responsible for addiction, makes you happy, sad, excited, makes you fall in love, makes you miserable after a heartbreak, keeps you motivated, makes you lose control, makes you judge your worth based on Instagram likes..


Abhiruchi is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means an unconditional interest in someone. The song is about falling in love with someone you have never met.

Darling Come Home

A year and a half ago, I lost my brother, overnight and was overwhelmed with shock, pain, grief, and confusion. On the night he was admitted to hospital we waited, my mind was awake all night and I wrote. I wrote to him, to come home.


I wrote this song at a time my flatmate was dating a number of guys and hadn’t had much luck finding the right guy until she met one off Tinder and fell in love. At the same time, another friend was going through her first ‘puppy love’ relationship and this song was inspired by both relationships.

Tribal Man

This was when I was going through a lot; living a rushed life with work and my social life. I needed a detox. I, fortunately, live near some fields and a small farm where nature blocks out the sounds of the city. I like to touch base and connect with nature every now and then to maintain a balance. This is where I wrote Tribal Man.

Soul Song

I wrote this track when I was traveling around Vancouver, Canada. I had been chilling with a group of musicians with my little ukulele. We were jamming and I was playing with made up fret shifts that I don’t know the actual chords for until this date and I started scatting and improvising. The lyrics to Soul Song just came to me whilst playing out in the garden soaking in some Vitamin D.


Daydream is the third song from his debut Ep – Birth. The song approaches storytelling through a strong sense of groove. Pankaj learned percussive fingerstyle guitar while composing for this Ep and feels that in this song the melodic ideas and percussive beats merge harmoniously.

To, Muse (From Anchepettige)

This music was composed for the motion picture ‘Anchepettige’. I specifically worked on the lyrics and composition. 

Badithe Hoovondu (Avith R M & Pruthvi) – A man, broken and morose, as his girlfriend has lost her life.

Nanna Kanasina (Singer – Pruthvi Ganiga) – A man expresses his love for a woman with his paintings, as he grabs her attention through them.

Rajanu Agihe (Singer – Avith R M) – A man enters the Underworld, mercilessly doing as he pleases.

 Painting by Guillaume Seignac