Anirudh Dalmia
Founder & Creative Director
“I am a thinker, in fact, an over-thinker. In order, to channel emotions and powerful experiences into a productive usage of time, I started to write. My friends and family played audience to my, budding writer. One day, I had an epiphany, that much like myself others on creative pursuits could use a platform or community to showcase their creativity and learn and grow together. That started my Road to Sangam. In Kshitij and Navin, I saw two friends and partners who could live this journey with me and soon my Road to Sangam became our Road

Kshitij Pathak
Founder and Director, Business Development
Being a private banker, I was in a constant need of energy and creativity. Ani, came up with an idea for a website primarily focused on art and literature and I couldn’t be happier to write articles and blogs to take adequate time, off work. I love meeting new people and making connections around the world and hence thought of taking up the responsibility of business development for the site. I truly hope artists, partners, and viewers alike achieve their goals and desires via this site and gain exposure globally.”


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