Sometimes, claustrophobia doesn’t refer to the fear of enclosed spaces. It refers to that trapped, suffocating feeling you get due to the obligations, the duties and the responsibilities that you have or that have been forced upon you. They cloud your vision and strangle you. It’s that suffocating feeling that inspired this piece of art.

Urvashi, An Apsara, And King Pururavas, A Mortal by Raja Ravi Verma

One night, they stole the sheep, but as they were making away with them, the noise woke Urvashi who beseeched Pururavas to see what was happening. Pururavas had just woken from slumber and did not have enough time to put on clothes. He ran behind the devas in the nude. The devas managed to make away with sheep, breaking the first condition. A heartbroken Urvashi came out to see the end of her marital life, and just when things could not get worse, the devas also sent lightning that illuminated the night. Urvashi saw Pururavas naked, and thus even the second condition was violated. With a heavy heart, Urvashi left for heavens.

The Invisible Axis

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This project encapsulates the theory of Cognitive Intuition through creativity. This book design is inspired by the real-life intuitive decisions taken in everyday life and corresponding its ideation process to that of its unconventional design process. This book incorporates the minimalistic design with solid black and white and bold designs. 


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Neumorphism was an ongoing, rather a still running trend in the world of UI design in 2020. I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate the design convention to create a Minimalistic Digital Calculator design prototype. The main challenge was to build a prototype that’s both modern and aesthetically pleasing the standard design conventions. Colours ranging from Dark to Bright have been incorporated in this project.