The Invisible Axis

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This project encapsulates the theory of Cognitive Intuition through creativity. This book design is inspired by the real-life intuitive decisions taken in everyday life and corresponding its ideation process to that of its unconventional design process. This book incorporates the minimalistic design with solid black and white and bold designs. 


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Neumorphism was an ongoing, rather a still running trend in the world of UI design in 2020. I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate the design convention to create a Minimalistic Digital Calculator design prototype. The main challenge was to build a prototype that’s both modern and aesthetically pleasing the standard design conventions. Colours ranging from Dark to Bright have been incorporated in this project.


The Warm Presence

I always start my day with a fresh cup of coffee and my favorite cookies. The crunch of coffee grounds poured into the filter, the hiss of hot water, and the aroma of that first drop of fresh brew snaps me out of dreamland. My relationship with coffee is not entirely a healthy one. But coffee is always there for me when I need a warm presence.

the other person in the mirror

My perception of self has changed a lot. It changes with every person I meet and every change in my life. I have viewed myself through others’ eyes for so long, that when I look in the mirror, I see something different. It has taken me years, and constant practice to see who I truly am.