Say Your Piece With AD Episode IV: Milan Vohra

Our inaugural podcast was branded as a platform for budding artists to share their stories. Today, it receives the platform that is Milan Vohra, India’s first Mills and Boon author. She was gracious enough to share stories, insights, and moments of laughter with AD. Its a must watch! 

As long as we are recommending content, Milan’s latest book ‘Our Song’ is deserving of the cliche, ‘Its a must-read’! Find it on Amazon! 

The two Id**ts that run RTS I: The one that started this mess

“We are working tirelessly towards the success of the Artaissance! But between the outreach campaigns, many calls, planning and execution, we as founders of RTS have been blessed to share many banter filled conversations that keep tired minds ignited.

My partner in crime, Kshitij Pathak (Co-Founder of RTS) and I have wisely or unwisely (you be the judge of that) decided to invite you to be a part of our banter. Apart from desperate attempts at humor, we speak of what’s happening on our shop floor and what comes next! RTS podcasts brings you the very first episode of ‘The two Id**ts that run RTS’. I hope it’s more enjoyable than cringe inducing”

-Anirudh Dalmia (Founder)

Say your piece with AD Podcast III: Kritika Krishna

Watch episode III of ‘Say your piece with AD’ starring none other than, Sangamer Kritika Krishna

She is a multi-lingual Poet, Youtuber, Podcaster and Meditation Trainer. The conversation revolves around her professional coming of age story. Furthermore, her muses, inspirations and art take center stage. So hit play and enjoy our conversation:

You can access her podcasts at Soundcloud by searching for it by inputting her name. Find Kritika’s artwork, meditation services and youtube channel here:




Say your piece with AD Podcast II: Sawab Mukhtar

We are proud to bring you episode II of ‘Say your piece with AD’. AD engaged Sangamer Sawab about her muses and her journey as an artist. What we hear is a  love affair with her motherland Kashmir.  Sawab speaks of how pain, suffering and, loss were turned into artistic expression. Her valiant effort which speaks of Kashmir from the perspective of a Kashmiri is powerful! So take a deep breath and dive right in!

We would like to apologize in advance for the audio quality. Sawab was speaking to us from flood effected parts of Maharashtra. Climatic conditions caused some network issues.

Secondly, we respect Sawab’s opinions and truly sympathize with the plight of many in Kashmir, Jammu, and Ladakh, but we hold no political opinions or affiliations. Sawab’s opinions are her own and deserve a platform but don’t represent RTS in any manner.

Find Sawab’s art at:


Say your piece with AD Podcast I: Swwati Awasthi

This is the first of many podcasts under the banner of ‘Say your piece with AD’!

Say your piece, is all about discovering the artist behind the art. AD engages talented artists from around the world and quizzes them on the experiences, people, and emotions that inspired them to create. 

This week we probe into the artist who goes by the name of Swwati Awasthi! Her art can be found at: