What is RTS?

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What is Road to Sangam?
Road to Sangam is a global platform for art of all languages, shapes, and forms. A perfect marriage between creative expression and commerce, RTS aims to make art a part of mainstream culture. RTS is an Artaissance!

– To house diverse art and artists from all walks of life.
– To generate meaningful discourse around art and culture.
– To make art accessible to a global audience of connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and lovers. 

Mission Statement:
“Road to Sangam (RTS) is a movement to make art despite its language, shape or form a part of mainstream culture. In doing so, RTS aims to deliver a global platform to showcase its Sangamers (Artists).”

Our Story 

“We live in a world with no guarantees. One minute we grieve the other we celebrate but, we always feel. In fact, what we feel, makes us do what we do and what we do, defines who we are.

There was once a period where fate’s pendulum seemed to be stuck towards the grief portion of the dial. And I felt it. What’s worse? I was afraid, I was ready to submit to it. When a man or woman feels grief and chooses to do nothing about it, they define themselves as grief’s mistress. That much, I was not willing to do. So, I made it my muse. That lit a creative fire in me that still remains ablaze.

Initially, I wrote to transform negative energy into its creative counterpart and in doing so a negative experience was transformed into a positive one. Now, I write to capture any strong experiences or feelings. The thought behind it is to record these events or experiences before my memories are stolen from me, by time itself. 

Once this exercise helped me maximize my happiness, I wanted more from it. Call it greed, if you must. I wanted an audience. My dear friend, Kshitij Pathak, who is one of my partners in crime, championed this desire. I built a website. I labeled it, ‘My Road to Sangam’. Sangam means confluence of holy rivers. The Triveni Sangam happens to be where our trail of ashes takes us, to rest one final time. Fulfillment; a bridge to the promise land is the claim Hindu mythology makes. This is not a challenge but an observation. We can feel fulfilled if we do what we absolutely love to do and no matter how we are defined; good, great or something else, at the very least we are happy for as long as we live.

I had a platform. My thoughts had a platform. And again, this was not enough. Now, I wanted to share this platform with others. It didn’t matter what inspired them to pick up a pen, brush, camera or something else, as long as they had something to express, they would share this platform. Along with Kshitij, a thought became exercise and exercise turned thought into reality. My road to Sangam was now ours.

We welcomed Navin Gettu, a childhood friend, onto this road. He had the courage to find his thoughts and audience long before grief had come knocking on my door. His courage had inspired confidence in us that he would help the platform grow.

What’s next? We started to grow. Our vision and commitment brought others onboard. Today, others walk with us on this road. Would you like to join us?”

-Anirudh Dalmia,
 Founder of Road to Sangam

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