RTS Workshop

Inertia is defined as the tendency to do nothing or to remain unchained. Our life is a constant strife against inertia. RTS brings you an entire arsenal of skills enhancement workshops to defeat inertia. So plug in your laptops to a port near you, let the Artaissance in and well, hit repeat if you really want to give inertia a throbbing. 

Ghazal Writing

Zen Tangles Art

Acrylic Painting

Warli Folk Art

NATA Drawings

Kavita Kya Hai?

Madhubani Folk Art

Caricature Workshop

Resin Art

Basics of Photography

Graphic Design for Beginners


Hindustani Poetry

Painting by Arodipa

Storytelling in Photography

Art Journal


Short Cut to Short Stories

Important Points to Note:

1) Class timings are to be strictly followed. Any accommodation for Exceptions or Change in Schedule would be upon the artist’s discretion.

2) The total fee for the workshop will be collected upon registration.

3) Refunds will be granted only in the case wherein an artist is not able to complete the course due to any reason. Additional refunds will be granted only as per the discretion of RTS ARTS LLP.

4) Any issues/ discrepancies can be brought to notice by dropping an email to partnerships@roadtosangam.com

5) The workshop registrants must fill and self attest a Vendee Agreement form which will consist of the various workshop details.

6) All mentioned costs are inclusive of taxes.

7) A registrant may register for up to two free trials, only.