Ecstasy of colours Epilogue

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What Happened?

Across the 8th, 9th and the 10th of November we brought the Artaissance offline. Seven Sangamers draped the walls of the Rangoli Metro Art Centre on M.G Road, Bangalore. From acrylic to water colours; wildlife to a slice of life; their diversity was both meant to be appreciated and remembered. Over 250 guests and art lovers visited the gallery. Among them were also talented artists who have chosen to join the platform. 

Art lovers had the unique opportunity to interact with artists and learn more about their art and inspirations and subsequently make purchases.

We featured 35 of our Sangamers incredible artworks. You can find them and more below:

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Each of our talented Sangamers struck a pose. Have a look at what ensued next!
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We had some celebrities in the house! A numerologist for the stars and an art prodigy graced our gallery.
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No event is complete without family and friends and, we had the pleasure of hosting quite a few of them!
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All the banter and laughter brought us all together. United by art and bent on championing the Artaissance, strangers became friends. We learnt quite a bit about art and its many forms and we also learnt much about each other.
It also helped that we were a fun group of people!

Here is a snippet of all our artworks on display!

If you want to join our RTS family, why don’t you submit your art for curation today? 

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