The Skies of The City of Lakes, Udaipur

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These photos have been taken in Udaipur in the years 2017 and 2018 and portray the amazing beautiful skies there. These beautiful skies have a big place in my heart as when I lived there, whenever I was sad, I would just go to my balcony and gaze at the sky just to see such skies everyday. These skies were the natural antidepressants that helped me out when life beat me down, only to rise up and soar high…

The cold desert and the hot desert

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The pictures above are of my two most favorite places I’ve been to.
The first image shot at the Jagmandir Island Palace and Udaipur which is owned by the prince of Udaipur the fourth and fifth picture also happen to be of the city palace of Udaipur. They show the beauty of the night life at Udaipur the rest of the pictures shows the life that is led by the Ladakhi people and the sceneries of Ladakh. These were some pictures and some places where I was taken by the local troops of my father’s Regiment. They showed me those places because they knew that I like travelling and I like seeing stuff that people do not get to see, that’s it.

Easy Going

An old, pink railroad track runs over a lake, by my hometown. It’s nothing spectacular in and of itself, but the view as a whole is quite peaceful. The din made by the trains are not too pleasant, but the most appealing thing is the lake itself. The water just stays still, train or no train. I wish I were that easygoing.


‘Vishalakshi’, who is worshipped as a hindu deity in our country, is truly a vajrayanic Buddhist Deity who got included within hindu iconography. She is often represented as a goddess standing on the corpse of Shiva and holding a sword and shield similar to Goddess Kali. The upper and lower triangles represent the union of Shiva and Shakti resulting in cosmic manifestation.