Storytelling in Photography

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Your Trainer:
Ashiq MK
“Ashiq has a degree in Creative Documentary Photography from SACAC – New Delhi. Based off of Mumbai he indulges in Documentary Photography and Celebrity Portraits. He has adorned the hat of educator by conducting workshops in various education institutions including NIT Calicut and also organisations like the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID).”

What do I want to teach?
“You will discover photography as a medium of storytelling by deep diving into how one pieces together multiple frames to tell a coherent and engaging story.”

Total no. of Classes: 3

Duration of each class: 1.5 hours 

Platform used: Zoom Video Call

Total Cost: INR 2400/-

Required Workshop Materials: Knowledge of basic photography, Collection of prior photographs, Tools to take notes and a Camera (DSLR, Normal Camera or Phone camera)

Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the Workshop

What will be covered during the course of this workshop?

Class 1
1) Why tell stories?-A look in to how and why the idea of story telling exists in photography and in other mediums

2) Types of photo stories-We will discuss different kinds of stories based on purpose, duration and approach by examining the works of different photographers

3) Basic structures of a story

Class 2
1) How to Plan-Know-How of planning in photography in terms of schedule, equipment and creative approach

2) Research-Importance of research in photography in order to assess the already available data about the subject and how your subject has been represented thus far

3) Access-Knowing the nuances of access to your subjects once you have decided to shoot

Class 3
1) How to Edit-The art of sequencing images according to the narrative and understanding why certain orders work and why others don’t

2) Presentation-Ways to put across the story once it is made, interlaying with text and other graphics

3) Blending Photography with other Media-We will look into other mediums that can be used along with photography to convey your story or increase the impact of the story

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