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Your Trainer:
Sangamer Anudeep Karkera
“An art practitioner for the past 5 years, Anudeep is credited with the illustrations of 3 books namely Cybersafe Girl (Multiple versions for the Indian Cyber Institute), The Text Message that Killed Me and The Samurai who sold a Suzuki.”

What do I want to teach?
“This expansive course comprises of line study , geometric shapes, 2D to 3D composition, one point perspective, two point perspective, 3 point perspective, colour harmony and theory, solving birds eye, ant eyes , scenic landscapes and solving old question papers.”

Total no. of Classes: 15

Duration of each class: 1 hour 

Platform used: Zoom Video Call

Total Cost: INR 7900/-

Required Workshop Materials: Pen, Paper, Scale, Pencil (hb, 2b, 4b, 6b and 8b), eraser and colour pencils

What will be covered during the course of this workshop?

Day-01 : Introducing the Pencil Number line + Stationary Access, Colour concept + Colour Theory + Colour Palate, Character of warm, cool, fresh, meditative colours, Visualising different sides of Three Dimensional object and learning with the DOS Theory

Day-02 : Architectural Awareness, Architectural Terminology, Generation of plan, Elevations and 3D views of objects, Object Practice in class and Home Assignment

Day-03 : Development of 3 D objects from 2 D shapes Or vice versa, Object Practice in class and Home Assignment

Day-04: Practice sessions on perspectives, Exam Pattern Discussion + Preparation Plan

 Day-05 : Elements of Design: Lines, Form, Mass, Solid etc, Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc

Day-06: Creating 2D & 3D compositions using given shapes and forms, NATA :Discussion on  papers of Previous Year, Practice Problems & techniques for Analytical reasoning, Sketching of 2D object, 3D Objects, Rooms-Spaces, Themes based, Animals, Flowers, Furnitures and Themes and Learning to provide more than 25textures in pencil/colour pencils

Day-07 : Perspective making, Min fast BIRD’S/ANT’S/HUMAN eye view making, Shade-shadow techniques of sketch, Proportions in drawing, Rendering & Beautifying your sketch and Advanced theme based & scenic drawings

Day-08 : Practise of birds eye sketches through question paper problems

Day-09:  Colour themes for various spaces like bedroom,  kitchen, kids room, meditation room, offices and Design & drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes & patterns

Day-10 TO Day 15: Practice and Coverage of all important topics

Work Sample
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