Kavita KYA HAI?

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Once you register for the workshop you will first avail a free trial class. Post the trial class, you choose wether or not you want to take up the workshop. 

Your Trainer:
Sangamer Saurabh Rajan
A published poet whose works include ‘Simplifying Life’ and ‘A Settled Life’, Saurabh has graced many stages. Furthermore, his associations with groups such as Ghummakkad Kavita has only furthered his notoriety amongst acclaimed poets and literary circles. 

What do I want to teach?
“Dive head first into the basics and forms of Hindi Poetry. Apart from being acquainted with the diversity of this literary device, learn structure and nuance.”

Total no. of Classes: 2

Duration of each class: 1.5 hours 

Platform used: Skype Video Call

Total Cost: INR 2000/-

Required Workshop Materials: Pen and Paper

Certificate of Completion provided at the end of the Workshop

What will be covered during the course of this workshop?

Day 1
You will be exposed to the constituents of Hindi Poetry while learning the distinction between Prose and Poetry. Furthermore, Saurabh will cover Bhaav (Feeeling) and Ras (Language) with examples to round off your 1st session. The day constitutes of:

  • Introductions
  • Basics of Hindi Poetry 
  • Bhaav and Bhasha
  • Deconstructing Ras
  • Exercises and Q&A

Day 2
You will be exposed to the different forms of Poetry with the aid of suitable examples. The day will constitute of:

  • Nazm
  • Ghazal
  • Rubaai
  • Qata
  • Doha
  • Q&A

Saurabh’s Art

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