Clicking Photos through your eyes

This Workshop comes with a FREE TRIAL CLASS!
Once you register for the workshop you will first avail a free trial class. Post the trial class, you choose wether or not you want to take up the workshop. 

Your Trainer:
Abi M Pulikeezh
“As a veteran Photographer, Abi has accrued more than 17 years of experience under his belt. His photographs have appeared in the Natgeo Instagram account. His camera tells stories his eyes forsee! You will enjoy his classes and his company in equal doses.” 

What do I want to teach?
“Learn the fundamentals of Photography which include understanding the subject, the narrative and the perception of viewers while diving into the technicals on how to capture mesmerising photographs. ”

Total no. of Classes: 3

Duration of each class: 1 hour

Platform used: Skype Video Call

Total Cost: INR 1300/-

Required Workshop Materials: DSLR Camera (Preferred) though, alternatives including phone cameras are acceptable

Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the Workshop

What will be covered during the course of this workshop?

Class 1:

  • Understanding the subject ( photo)
  • The story behind the photograph
  • What you want to convey through the photo?
  • How do you want the photo to be viewed?

Class 2:

  • Composing the Story/ Frame using lights, colours, shadows etc
  • Comprehensive guidance on using external effects to enhance photography

Class 3:

  • Understanding the technology in and for photography
  • Using technical aspects in the camera in order to capture the correct shot 
  • Going through the technicals in a camera device 
  • Adding technology enhancements to previous techniques

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