Prelude to a Eulogy

Funeral bands play symphonies in my head
My heart is led underground leaving a trail of red
Beautiful and melancholy, my ribcage reverberates
As Orpheus’ lyre once more opens, for me, Hades’ gates.

By Navin Gettu
Painting credited to: Granger, circa. 1800


A medley of madness in the chaos of war
Driving men to genocide in the name of their God.
Their craze never-ending, their bloodlust grows more.
Messiahs carry out death sentences, met with applaud.
The death toll rises as fields are strewn with bone
And the downfall of man is again in fault their own.

By Navin Gettu
Painting by Francesco Hayez

Are there any perks to being a Wallflower?

She came back. We called it a new beginning, but it was like the time without her was a momentary lapse in what I felt was the best time of my life. And oh, how I love her. And yet, all the memories we missed, all those things that would make this a tragedy, they would not rest. It was a feeling as beautiful as her, to be torn apart by what put me back together. I guess we do accept the love we think we deserve.

By Navin Gettu
Picture Credit: MetalCams, DeviantArt


I look down from the stratosphere, upon my city, mirroring the night sky.A while until I shall see it again, it looks so surreal in black and white.

And in some corner of this star spangled city, on her bed my lover lies
Shining brighter than all the others, My, will she be a sight for sore eyes.

“As I wait to come home, you’re on my mind, my favourite soundtrack
And hoping that you won’t miss me too much, I say that I only go to come back.”

By Navin Gettu
Picture by Henry Do


It doesn’t take much to see something and want it.
When it’s something you can’t get then you’ve got all the more reason to have it.
That’s how humans are; the Forbidden Fruit is our obsession
Immoral thoughts birth the objects of our affection

By Navin Gettu
Painting by Nicolae Gutu


I lived my life with no strings attached

With momentary pleasure that left me detached.
And then came along the perfect puppeteer
She gave me a purpose, crystal clear.
I could feel again, as I fell the fall
To love her seemed to be my call.
But I couldn’t remain her marionette forever
And we let go, our regret to leave never.
Once more I live with no strings attached,
My heart remains with her, and from me detached.

By Navin Gettu 
Painting by John Yandall