Theyyam is a form of ritualistic performance where a man dons the guise of the Goddess Kali. The performer is believed to be in a trance during the performance, and is mainly performed in the northern Malabar regions of Kerala.


Leaving behind the material world seems a monumental task for the modern individual. But a little bit of mindfulness can transform our lives. Sitting in a monastery, and watching the monk have a casual conversation, gave my mind the rest it needed.

Photo Negative

Good and bad are concepts that we live with for a majority of our lives. Order and evil, too. We often shun and disregard the latter on both accounts. But it must be said that regardless of how much we love all that falls under the positive spectrum, some things look beautiful even when they are negative.


More fantastical than fairies and mermaids are the creatures of oceans. Grace and power together meld in their beautiful forms—that demand to be cherished.

Becoming One

I mingle with others to blur the lines and dissolve the differences that are set by individuality. I explore the linkage and oneness through this connection, finding that it parallels the coalescence of colours. And as the connection strengthens, I feel the contentment seep through me in a myriad of colours.

Quest for Deep Meditation

I feel the depth within the“self”. I meditate to contemplate this “self”, traveling with my soul beyond the concepts of time. And the bigger I stretch my horizons, the more colours I see, the more happiness I can spread around me.

Winning Over the Dark

In our houses and homes, light always comes in through the windows. The sunlight, the natural light, the light that keeps the world going. We may find that we are losing ourselves in the turmoil and emotional detachment that has taken over our world but try as hard as you can to open up whatever part of your soul. Open up just enough to let the light reach through.


Lost happiness that fades into the background, that is what I see, but I will not let it go. I shall conquer every shade of every color and in doing so, I hope to regain my happiness and widen the love that I give.


The red of the handmaid’s cloak stands out against a drab, dull world—almost-
ghost-like. And she is tied to an ever-present noose—the new order of a totalitarian regime. The regime that has stolen her body, and her freedom.