Caricature Workshop

This Workshop comes with a FREE TRIAL CLASS!
Once you register for the workshop you will first avail a free trial class. Post the trial class, you choose wether or not you want to take up the workshop. 

Your Trainer:
Prakash Pai M
“Prakash has held Art Exhibitions across India at Art centres like Chitra Santhe, Bengaluru (2020), Kala Academy, Goa (2019) and Chitra Sadhana, Pune (2018). His artwork has been sought out by a global clientele who repeatedly knock on his door. And of course he has trained more than 50 aspiring artists digitally!”

What do I want to teach?
“The online workshop will focus on how to draw basic caricatures using simple techniques such as shape associations. Through the course of the workshop we will construct human faces while exaggerating features.”

Total Cost: INR 1200

No. of Classes: 1

Duration of Class: 1.5 hours

What do I want to teach?
“We will learn the science behind light and shadow on human faces while enhancing techniques of rendering or shading to make faces appear three-dimensional. Your art is now alive!”

Total Cost: INR 1800

No. of Classes: 1

Duration of Class: 1.5 hours

Important Recommendation: 
Participants can enrol for standalone classes but it’s highly recommend to complete the basic class before enrolling for the Advanced class.

Required Materials: Sketch Pad, Pencil (Preferably HB), an Eraser (Preferably kneaded eraser), Sketch Pen or a Marker for the final Outline and Micro-Tip Pen or Brush Pen (or Charcoal, if available)

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