Acrylic Painting

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Once you register for the workshop you will first avail a free trial class. Post the trial class, you choose wether or not you want to take up the workshop. 

Your Trainer:
Sangamer Anudeep Karkera
“An art practitioner for the past 5 years, Anudeep is credited with the illustrations of 3 books namely Cybersafe Girl (Multiple versions for the Indian Cyber Institute), The Text Message that Killed Me and The Samurai who sold a Suzuki.”

What do I want to teach?
“Participants will be acquainted with painting landscapes using new found skills such as construction of shapes, usage of brushes and the application of warm and cool colours.”

Total no. of Classes: 7

Duration of each class: 1 hour 

Platform used: Zoom Video Call

Total Cost: INR 4200/-

Required Workshop Materials: Acrylic Paints, Pencil, Paper, Drawing Sheets and Brushes

Certificate of Completion provided at the end of the Workshop

What will be covered during the course of this workshop?

Day 1
Landscape Sketching and Outline

Day 2
Landscape Painting Techniques

Day 3
Finishing Touches and Analysis 

Day 4
Class Exercise: Sunset Painting

Day 5:
Application of learnt skills (Classes 1-3)

Day 6:
Applying finishing touches on class exercise

Class 7:
Make your Canvas 

Work Sample
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