I am

I am meditation on the hills 
I am the sound of the rain
I am the petrichor on a dry day
I am an open window and the view outside
I am a dream that you can’t remember  
I am the phantasmal of the mind

I am the power of the sun
I am the buoyant force of waters
I am the weed that grows underneath
I am within the mantras and sacred chants of the world

I am unconquered and unbridled 
I am a shadow in the dark, invisible in light
I am life and I am death and I am beyond the space
I am an experience of a lifetime

I am a parable
I am a thread that sews the ties
I am everything I want to be
I am Maya, – that reigns supreme on land and sea alike.

Picture by Garidy Sanders (Unsplash)

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