“At times, try as we might, we are hardly ever taken seriously!”
As go voices of a few in a group tackling this issue very assiduously!
Some of these tips here, would guide all along such an arduous pathway
Helping with presence of mind to get led to that ‘path-breaking’ doorway!!
Let’s begin ensuring credibility – through our steady-build-up of ‘assertiveness’
Question-like-statements don’t work – just get caught, with some ‘attentiveness’!
Our Stories influence, create greater impact than “mere reporting”, as they say;
So, let’s come well-prepared; with our homework – on ‘what’ we, on table lay!
Staying informed helps avoid ‘deer-in-headlights-situation’- amid a group
While others’ presentations could well make us feel like a ‘nincompoop’!!
Great are ‘strategized show stoppers’ – like ‘Power-pose’; ‘Dress-sense’
Greater still is our ‘personality-inside-out’; our ‘inner’ magnificence!
Great would it be to have others speak up first; their stories untold
Greater insights pour in as brighter ideas and newer facts unfold!
Grapevine floating around is apparent when we are ‘in the loop’
We’re ‘abreast of what’s happening’; dynamics of the group!
Also, let’s believe in ourselves, a faith no one can ever shake
With our ‘courage’ and grit’ no one can away from us take!
The ‘Respect’ we cherish and seek from all; everyone around
Is more in our heads; “mental constructs” – does this astound?!
We however fail to place ‘respect’ wherever actually ‘due’ from us
As we simply rush to judge, based on our ‘very-first-impression-fuss’!!
So – summing up, ‘self-confidence’ is great; ‘Over-confidence’ does camouflage
Even as we try to begin settling; repositioning ourselves in our ‘Sought-after-entourage’!!

Picture by Amanda Lins (Unplash)


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