عید تھی ، سوچا عیدی ملےگی
کھ ملی تو تھی، عجیب سی بندوک کی گولی تھی

عید تھی سوچا عید گاہ جاوں گا
کچھ گز زمین تو تھی، پر خاموش سی
کھلا میدان تو تھا
وہ قبرستان تھا

عید تھی سوچا نۓ کپڈے پہنوں گا
کچھ نیا تو تھا
صاف صفید سا
وہ میرا کفن تھا

عید تھی سوچا عید نماز پڈھوں گا
تکبیر تھی پر سجود کا سجدہ نہ تھا
وہ میرا نماز جنازہ تھا

This poem is based on a true event that happened on the day of Eid when a kid walking to offer Eid prayers, was hit by a bullet and died on spot.

The poem starts with the kid expecting some ‘eedi’ (which is a token of love in the form of money given to younger ones on Eid) but gets something strange in return, a bullet in the chest). This kid finds himself in a huge open ground nothing like an eid gah, no hustle and bustle but silence- it was a graveyard (kabristaan).
The kid wanted to wear something new, something clean on eid as it is tradition to do so. He did wear something white and clean-‘ kafan ‘a shroud.
He wanted to to offer eid namaz with every one. They all did pray but no one prostrated( sajdah) but stood and offered it like we do in the namaz janaza ( which is the namaz offered during a funeral).
This kid realised it was his namazi janazah and that he had started his journey for the heavenly abode while his bullet ridden body just lies there.

Picture by Arun Anoop (Unsplash)

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