The Skies of The City of Lakes, Udaipur

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These photos have been taken in Udaipur in the years 2017 and 2018 and portray the amazing beautiful skies there. These beautiful skies have a big place in my heart as when I lived there, whenever I was sad, I would just go to my balcony and gaze at the sky just to see such skies everyday. These skies were the natural antidepressants that helped me out when life beat me down, only to rise up and soar high…

Elements of Life

Life, death and tranquility. The green resembles the life, red resembles the death and the flower with the green resembles the elements of life. Here the blue represents tranquility or peace. Between life and death no one finds the exact peacefulness which he or she needs. It’s achieved only by death

Normal paper (22cm * 14cm)
Medium :- acrylic and water color


Will you forget?
You ask.

Haven’t you?
All the things we had, all the things we dreamt to be?
But I don’t really say all that.
I look into your eyes.
All I see, is fear. Fear of not being so loved.
Fear of not finding love again.
More so of not being given attention to.

You see,
Memories have been made.
Soon this conversation will be a memory too.
It depends on you, if you want to keep them alive.
Our promises?
I’m asking far too much, ain’t I?
You hold me,
In your arms.
Cold heart, but warm arms.
It feels like walking on hot sand,
And freezing your fingers.
You whisper,
It’s going to be okay
I’ll be gone
You won’t remember any of this.

I smile.
Trying to convince me or yourself?
Tell me now,
Tell me quick.
Will you? Forget it all?

I feel your hands turning cold
And my fingers becoming numb.
I ask you,
Should I?
You look at me
Not really surprised,
Smile, as your tears roll down your cheeks.
And whisper,
Oh, I love you!
I rephrase my question now,
Shall I?

Picture by Alice Alinari (Unsplash)