Karna: My Generation

Karna, one of the unsung heroes of Mahabharata was arrowed down to death unarmed illegitimately while he was busy lifting the wheel of his chariot from the ground. The poem revolves around Karna’s imaginary reincarnation in today’s world where the swords don’t rattle any more but the battle is still on in many other ways. Amidst this world full of existential conflicts, the poem is an imperative monologue that gradually unfolds the key to enduring a life in the worthiest way possible.

Pluck out the wheel,
Instead of taking you anywhere,
Which is going and going
Deep into the soil of your heart.
You must concatenate the nerves
To generate a force
That can pull it up on the ground.
It won’t get you stamped
As it has lost all its momentum.
Believe me, your life is no more cursed.
You had gone dead long before
The history was written;
And resurrected again in this new life.
In this new world, the battle is over
You will not be judged for choosing a side,
Nor for your wish to fly high.
Here you may get abandoned
Not to abscond to the world of lie
That perpetuates through progenies,
But to explore the truth without and within.
This freedom may threaten you,
May taunt you to its ugliest.
But, my friend, don’t bury the wheel inside
That might take you a million miles.

Picture by Jon Cartagena (Unsplash)

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