Say your piece with AD Podcast II: Sawab Mukhtar

We are proud to bring you episode II of ‘Say your piece with AD’. AD engaged Sangamer Sawab about her muses and her journey as an artist. What we hear is a  love affair with her motherland Kashmir.  Sawab speaks of how pain, suffering and, loss were turned into artistic expression. Her valiant effort which speaks of Kashmir from the perspective of a Kashmiri is powerful! So take a deep breath and dive right in!

We would like to apologize in advance for the audio quality. Sawab was speaking to us from flood effected parts of Maharashtra. Climatic conditions caused some network issues.

Secondly, we respect Sawab’s opinions and truly sympathize with the plight of many in Kashmir, Jammu, and Ladakh, but we hold no political opinions or affiliations. Sawab’s opinions are her own and deserve a platform but don’t represent RTS in any manner.

Find Sawab’s art at:


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