Angel silver
Caged in yellow.

Lover detail,
A shadow on everything.
Arched rainbow,
Leaves of Summer
Rattle absent
And fall.

Hand in palm
Water with rapture
And under-current
Twisting the awe
In femininity.
Dry creased vessel
Singing the beat of a storm.
Mimicking tidal throws,
Breaching vapour.
Two, to and thro.

Bodies entwined,
Celtic loops,
Antler and Moon.
Feeling through burnt moss,
And grassy dells.
Close as drumming,
Or breath
Hush as legends.
Laden pages open
Or held shut.

Lips of forest
Mist –
As if mouthing a cigarette
Linear, turning.
Thick fog
And mild geometry
Escaping pink.
Curved white strokes
Marble like
Making the shape of
Touch like yearns
Felt everywhere.
Pressing tight
As nocturnes or sunshine.

Picture by Johannes Plenio (Unsplash)

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