I could feel the wind,
Caressing each strand of hair,
Gingerly attached to a scalp,
That was raining down beads of sweat,
That made their way,
Through my facial grooves,
Only just missing wide open eyes,
And only just glancing the edges,
Of a broad smile.

I was riding.
Green and pristine,
On my left,
And undisturbed waters,
To my right.

A night,
Luminated by street lights,
Had welcomed a rider,
Who had dared to stray,
From a more explored path.

Each turn,
Led to a new pocket of life.
All had existed,
But never found.
That night,
This changed.

Gone were,
Meant to be escaped;
Persihed were thoughts,
Of uncertainity;
And alliveated,
Was the numbness,
That had consumed,
A body.

That night,
When all else slept,
A boy,
Figuring out,
Was happy to be, just a boy,
And a body that had grown numb,
Felt all that was meant to stimulate.

He was, after all, alive!

Picture by Joonas Sild (Unsplash)

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