Dreaming with Deaf Stars

How many sunsets have gone by without you?
How many nights have gone by without the moon to guide my dreams to yours?
To may if you ask me, but the only ones who care are the stars,
Lingering in the black sky, casting a glow in the dead of night,
And they’ve been too busy granting wishes for fallen hearts to hear a broken soul like mine,
But I keep waiting up for you to come home, for that side of the bed to be warm…
Keep praying, even on a starless night,
In hopes that my prayers will be heard,
And you’ll come home to be once more.
But I know that’s an empty promise,
My heart doesn’t have the strength to accept the truth,
Can’t fathom the reality I have to face each time my eyes open again.
That the reality without you is the one I must accept, every morning when my tired eyes open to the blinding sun,
In that still, solace of a moment when my mind and heart haven’t truly woken
And I can forget that you aren’t lying next to me.
Maybe that’s why I keep dreaming, keep wishing on those stars that don’t answer my prayer,
Because that’s all I have left of you,
The memory that falls onto the deaf stars and a heart that wishes for a change that will never come.
Sure as the sun rises, I’ll keep counting the sunsets without you until I can’t remember why you aren’t lying next to me.

Picture by Federico Beccari

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