What does your art say about you?

We asked a simple question but in return received many profound answers! Add to these answers and join the Artaissance.

“I have a deep regard for nature, especially open spaces & macro details around and photography allows me to express that respect. My clicks shows, myself getting closer & personal with nature.”

“I think my work gives me the courage to say things I wouldn’t normally say. And helps me to express myself in ways that help me deal with anxiety, stress, love all those emotions that are sometimes too much to handle by yourself.”

“The magic of my hands display a tint of reality along with creativity sparking in between.Theres also a mysterious source of strength,the reason of my boldness! It also reveals how passion and persistence flows through every cell of my body.”


“I have been trying to find the balance between perfection and contentment, which shows up as a struggle of simple and complex in my art. Sometimes I end up drawing all the details I see; and sometimes just colours and shapes that capture my eye. The tiny sketchbook I carry around is full of scribbles and splotches—a reflection of my minds. Be it walking around the city, or out in the nature, the constant activity is both energising and tiring.”

“I’ve always had a lump in my throat when it’s come to my emotions. Somewhere down the line, I found that with poetry I could speak volumes when I couldn’t with my voice.”

“It speaks of what I feel and what I feel is everything capable of stimulating me!”

“My art summarizes my thoughts and in turn expresses what I think and who I am to those who play the part of a faithful audience.”

“I’m connected deeply with all form of art through words(poetry), colours and music(vocal)….For me it’s reaching the beauty within to connect with smile and purify for being a cause to live and spread smile and smile for me is an expression of god within.”


“I find it amusing to make the faces of people all around the world and try to capture their expression and facial features . I has become a way for escape for me from all the negativities , expectations , and complexities of the world.”

“For me art means medium where my thoughts and passions are expressed. My canvas is my  mirror where I self reflect.”

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