A Day in Dal Lake

I stood at a distance, ripples knocked at my feet
Mesmerized by the beauty, here we meet

Wind hissed secrets in my ear
‘Dal Lake I am’ said a wrinkle in the water loud and clear

Amazed was I to hear it chatter
With a snivel the water began to clatter

Cusps of steam winged to the sky
Sniffling in the cold, here I lie

Unsteadily I moved side to side
Wobbling in the Shikara was I and the lake cried

‘My water was once clear but now is saline’
‘Dissolved the tears of mothers who saw their sons dying’
‘I washed away the myrtle of damsels’
‘Broken bangles have settled down into the depth’ the lake rambles

‘I may seem blue and bright’
‘For decades I have lived in pain and fright’

There I see a leaf floating
Tiny, crimson, scarred and bloating

Drop of it ignites hope, cleanse the souls
Sweeps pain and wipes every tear that rolls

The water seemed to sing a lullaby
Heal the wounds and cuddle the ones who cry

Waits for the breeze to expose souls to the colossal skies
Where the cottony clouds bathed in the golden rays and the moon lies

Drenched all my sorrows and back peace I take
Rowed despair to its depths and discovered a new spirit in a day in Dal Lake

Picture by Eshani Mathur (Unsplash)

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