The word ‘Parama’ in Bengali and Sanskrit is used to appreciate a woman by associating her existence as a wonderful individual of magnanimous, charismatic character with superhuman capabilities. According to the ancient Hindu texts, the evolution of the cult of mother worship and glorification started with the critical explanation and correlation of the eternal primordial feminine energy with the ever nourishing character arc of Nature. The sole meaning of Motherhood starts with the glorification of that unusual beautiful creation of God with love, compassion, guidance and ever dedication for the wellbeing of the child. Similarly Celebrating the motherhood of god often led the saints and ascetics of India to view and worship the Divine Mother in various incarnations of Nature through revelations and deep sincere dedication to the lotus feet of the Mother. Thus expressing and carving out the ‘Prakriti’ and ‘Parama’ and amalgamating both through a human figure of a Woman is the theme of this Artwork.

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