Open the Door

‘Open the Door’ is my personal voyage to seek Truth which, in its subtlest form, fills every molecule of our existence. May I find some co-passengers with me?
Aren’t we all peeping through a keyhole
That’s constantly cutting our vision short?
Has it been checked at all
Whether the door is closed or open?
Has it been ever pushed a little?
Or is it just another forbidden item
To get too close to,
Yet not as dramatic as the Apple,
And so, we missed it?
What if the door is found closed;
And we are too lethargic to churn up
The whole sea to retrieve the key?

Once dive deep into it, playfully;
Pick up the only thing that has gathered no moss
Through all these ages gone.
Now is the time to unlock the door
And to step on to this land incognito.
This floor is all ours to live on;
It’s where this Body, this Mind and this Soul—
Everybody wants to resonate in concert
To create a rhythm most pleasant and unfelt.
Do it now, or take a break, have a long breath
Until the zeal within come out and rule!
Before the time will come to peel your skin off
Make sure you can enjoy the stardust you are made of.

Picture by Daniel von Appen (Unsplash)

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