Woman: A Selfless Human

In an era where we believe in gender equality, we still deprive to pay women the respect that they deserve sometimes. This poem deals with the feelings of a woman searching for equality while describing her qualities that make her deserve it.

People call me a woman,
another word for a selfless human.
We love as sisters and sacrifice as mothers,
Offer our lives without any thought to others.

Beautiful, that’s not the only thing we are,
Yet some people mistake it as our only power.
We might seem powerless but are fierce inside,
Don’t underestimate us, we can be a sweet looking cyanide.

We are like a flower,
nurture the world under our unvalued bower.
We bloom and droop and bloom again,
to complete our only aim, of love to sustain.

We are angels from heaven, came to make the earth brighter,
struggle throughout our lives, aren’t we true fighters?
We may be tender but not that easy to break,
Judging us as frail is a man’s biggest mistake.

Everytime you break us, we join ourselves back,
One day we’ll rise silently to retaliate and attack.
We are a precious gem, a true treasure,
Don’t hurt us, loving us will be a pleasure.

All we need from you is recognition and respect,
treat us equally or is that too much to expect?
Come under our shelter of love and you’ll be safe forever,
for when it comes to protection, we are very clever.

Yes, I am a proud woman,
another word for a selfless human.


Picture by Sean K.Q (Unsplash)

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