Two women sit side by side, one seeming young and exhuming the vibrancy of youth, the other with a weathered but astute countenance. Their similarities are more prominent the closer that they get; a mother and her child. And though differences are incurred, all things good a daughter can only receive from her mother.


She sat there with the wind blowing softly, the forbidden fruit by her side and a snake beneath her feet. She looked elated in spite of the fact that she would no longer remain in Eden. She had been made for a purpose, yet ironically it was the Serpent that had given her the freedom to choose what her purpose would be. She would be one of the few who would come to cherish Lucifer for what he really was, an angel cast out of heaven. And she would be forever grateful.

One Soul

A connection between two people that is more than skin-deep. When they come together to share love and pain, tears and laughter, they become more than lovers. They become one soul.

Roaring Smoke

There is a distant roar that pierces the silence of the night. In the direction of the sound, a pale lion stands with fangs bared and startling yellow eyes. Before you can even think, he dashes into the air, his mane flowing as if in water. He is a specter of roaring smoke.

The Midnight Palace

I could see the Mysore Palace through the window in my room. It looked spectacular in the distance, shining brighter than any star could. And for all that, it was now a relic of the past. No kings stay in its walls, no tigers prowl its corridors. It now serves as a memory of once was and will never again be.

Lost and Found

A lone bird flies through the autumn breeze, in a forest of ashen bark and naked trees. Just a glimpse of colours one could see, but to try and spot it again would prove to be a task. You may see it streaking in and out sight as it dances through the trees, sometimes lost to you and sometimes found.

Nature (Candid)

Nature, as it is. This is a collection of sketches of animals being as they are, as they have always been. These poses are as real as they can get, for animals are quite honestly, candid. They have no need to be more than what they are or do more than what they are meant to do. We do little to appreciate such honesty, and littler still to appreciate these creatures. We lose one more of them every second, but here they remain for you to see. Here’s to hoping that they won’t just be on paper and canvas. Here’s to hoping that Nature pulls through to see many more sunrises and sunsets.

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