Lost and Found

You say you are lost
I say I am found
In this whole game of lost and found
Let’s go for an earthly round
For we talk of stars, skies, and galaxies yet unknown
Let’s discover the gems which are known
Yes, it’s sometimes boring to live a mundane life
Where the mind escapes into the world of imagination
Where the heart seeks for a pinch of solace
Where the intellect shuts itself up for a few seconds
And the soul yearns for a deep rest
But my friend, isn’t it an irony
That we recognise this yearning so late in our lives
After running through all the mundane pursuits
Waiting unconsciously for that Tipping point
From where the Soul will cry and yell
For returning to its Real home
Which till now seemed so unknown
But now since you are lost and I am found
We will uncertainly make it known.

Picture by Toa Heftiba (Unsplash)

The Real Freedom

Search outside and it will bind you

Go within and it will find you.
Eyes are same, lens get changed
Everything appears so well arranged;
As if
I am alive, I am awake
Observing it with each intake.
Ego has gone, self has dawned
The inner joy knows no bond.
For it is free of all the chains
And dances in the blissful rain.
Tasting each drop in full slake
With no ripples in that lake.
Where the band is playing the chore
But I am standing on the shore,
Enjoying the rhythm yet not entrapped
Things that buzz are fully zapped.
For I am love, so I agree
That freedom is in spree.
Resting here with no fetters
For freedom is what that all matters.

Picture by Dawid Zawila (Unsplash)