Flames of Blood

Ferocity, cruelty, barbarity, and pain

Kashmir’s progeny butchered in vain
Blooded streets and souls ripped apart
Wounded bodies with a kindled heart
THEY shoot and break bones
THEY suppose guns are equal to stones
Oh look THEY’ve blinded the vale
Scared caricatures, yet we sail
THEY cremated the cuddly homes
There stands nothing but rags, ruins and domes
A mother whose end is nigh
Waits for her son to sing him a lullaby
Myrtle stained her hands ruby red
When she knew not her husband was alive or dead

Labeled as a half-widow
Eagerly awaits and perishes by the window
She sobs on and sniffs to the pillow of her father
Kisses forehead, tethers shroud and bids adieu to her brother
Martyr wreathe garlands and in unison, they thrum
Stand In queues for more to come
A mother who wailed, a father who cried
No one heard their pleas and the politicians lied
We’re beaten we’re shackled we’re raped
We’re muzzled and the reality is neatly draped
There isn’t a day
When a poor guy isn’t booked under PSA
The chinar that stand in arcades
Have watched the valley burning since decades
Blood fragrant as musk, pure as a verse
Deep as saffron alas caught in this cruel curse
We will roam freely and find our way
No bloodshed, peace and just peace one day!

From the Author:
“I was born in turmoil. My entire childhood, I have seen flowers scented with rotten blood, mountains that bury martyrs deep within them, and rivers that wash the fresh henna off the hands.

My home has been aching while and all the others have been mere spectators of the wounds that they gave. We fear no death anymore as He never betrayed us rather visits us so often like a dear friend.” -Sawab

Picture by Tao Wen (Unsplash)



Free at Last

Nostrils reaching for the skies,

Piercing the waves,
That swallowed them whole.

Gasps and deep breaths,
Only until the next wave follows
The one before,
And swallows.
While beneath the surface of icy waters,
First feet try to flap fiercely,
And tired hands waddle helplessly,
Then another momentary respite.

Solitary moments above salty oceans,
To breathe,
And then once again
Be one again with the seas.

The waves competing with,
A dying man’s desire to live.

Now respite will last,
Longer than fleeting seconds;
Now raging waters,
Will simmer down
And now both the blue of the ocean and the bright blue sky,
Will be visible in plain daylight,
Such thoughts the dying man thinks.

Rescue ships or messiahs,
Will find him while he still lives,
More delusion,
More reasons to struggle,
Against the oceans wish.

He waddles some more,
And paddles just as much.

Somewhere at some point,
There must be submission.
Faith will decide once the spirit fails.

Feet wanting nothing but escape,
Now desire nothing but to meet the ocean floor,
And just as he gasps one last time,
He is free.
The once treacherous sea,
Greeted with open arms.
Promises of a future,
Replaced by
Melancholic nostalgia;
And death once a tearful goodbye,
Now a new beginning.

Picture by Amy Humphries (Unsplash)

Love or that Drug

The ‘nothing’ between us, the invisible thread

It is like the ‘infinite’ love we shared back then
When your smoky breaths calmed me
But now, my bones shake of the horror
Of The hollow promises
Of The trough of trusts
Of the love that runs as cocaine in your veins

Today when I am no one
Why do I behold the bitterness  of your lips on mine
Why do I taste of the drug you did that night
Why do I smell of the cigarettes you puff
Why do I feel you trembling in my bones

Why do my ruins love you more than I did back then?

Picture by Gras Grun (Unsplash)

The Essence of Self-realization

The human soul is intangible in substance, ambiguous in form and is often left unnoticed. But for those who have seen what there is to see and felt what there is to feel, they find their soul. And that is the essence of self-realization; the discovery of what one is beyond matters of the flesh, which rises up from our bodies as we open ourselves up to a higher consciousness.

Becoming One

I mingle with others to blur the lines and dissolve the differences that are set by individuality. I explore the linkage and oneness through this connection, finding that it parallels the coalescence of colours. And as the connection strengthens, I feel the contentment seep through me in a myriad of colours.

Precious Smile

Most of our efforts as humans are consumed by protecting, preserving and sustaining smiles as though they are precious possessions. And maybe they are because at the end of it all, life is but a balance sheet of smiles over tears.

Quest for Deep Meditation

I feel the depth within the“self”. I meditate to contemplate this “self”, traveling with my soul beyond the concepts of time. And the bigger I stretch my horizons, the more colours I see, the more happiness I can spread around me.


Life is diverse, ever-changing, unique and often lonely. Not many people have the fortune of finding those that will stay by their side, though you may find many a recluse amongst those that seem lonely. They do not require the company of others, for they have themselves. They perceive life without filters. They sit in silence and contemplate with closed eyes as they notice the blotches of colours constitute the world around them.

Winning Over the Dark

In our houses and homes, light always comes in through the windows. The sunlight, the natural light, the light that keeps the world going. We may find that we are losing ourselves in the turmoil and emotional detachment that has taken over our world but try as hard as you can to open up whatever part of your soul. Open up just enough to let the light reach through.