Series 1: Internal Reflections

Like anything with life, we must nurture our mind and let it grow till it flowers and bears fruit, till it is has grown its wings and can soar up to the skies. This series is based on what entails and encompasses the mind; it is what I think our minds would look like if I could see through my mind’s eye.

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It began with a yearning, ever so slight, to capture something of dignity and majesty. I could only picture the background until I made the first brushstroke in white. And then it came to me, to paint the eagle. For only this creature can embody dignity and majesty; an omen of victory for the divine, the eagle is the symbol of Zeus, the king of the Greek pantheon. With its stark contrast of white and dark plumage, its sharp eyes and sharper beak, the only view it has of the world is from above.

Slice of Life

Here I capture a slice of life in black and white. Life adds the colour right after.

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Always & Forever

Always and forever is the only time that I crave you for.
Love is an amalgam of a multitude of feelings. In an almost identical manner, paints coalesce into an amalgam of colours that represent the feelings that come together in our Always and Forever.

Sneak Peek

The piece is about a wonderful young lady who had just opened the door of her life. Unaware of how the world functions, she is willing to move out of her bubble and unravel the unknown. But it all starts will a sneak peek.


And though the trees may lose their leaves, they care not for this loss. They remain as they are, changing from green to yellow to brown with the seasons. Could we not learn from them, to adopt change when we must and when we should?

Bubblegum and Beyond

The individual is in a dark space. Unaware of the positive wave that is to hit him, his heart is heavy. All this while the universe just hopes that he makes it to see what awaits.