There isn’t anything particularly outstanding or inspiring about this piece of work. I just happened to sit by these two trees and I decided to sketch them. I do like how it turned out though. Simplistic yet detailed, similar yet disparate, all these differences yet they are in harmony. It left me with a thought, that some things are better left untouched.


The heart: a place where we keep our deepest desires and our darkest secrets. It’s a place that for many a people would be hard to find and to open harder still. And yet, there are some who hold magic in their palms, magic that they use to find that place you hold so dear and so private. And once they reach it, they have to just use that spell that lies on their tongue; all they have to say is ‘Alohamora’.

Searching for a true friend

In this busy world where nobody has the time to play with this child, he befriends his own shadow, making it his best friend.

What is this life so full of care,

With none to play and none to share,

But there is someone by my side,

My loyal shadow, my friend, my guide…..

The Mask

With eyes that portray emotion and a face that represent the expression, the mask is meant to depict the various characteristics of society. Famous for its vitality in Kathakali, this illustration of the mask is made of a mosaic of colored shapes that come together beautifully, each shape as important as every step in the dance.