Have you felt that burden?
The one of having to carry too much love?
The same burden that looms large in past pages and nags hurting your present fortitude far below?

Don’t get me wrong I ain’t no atheist who wouldn’t believe in favors of the heavens and the wisdom of the good sieve…
But often I wonder if it’s futile to carry this burden of make-belief, 
I’m gnawed by the need to lean on a loveless, barren, rock of newness that doesn’t chide you with hope nor promises rest but…
For that single moment of learning lets, you call love’s bluff.

I’ve often also felt the need to ease my throat that chokes from words made of uncooked emotion,
Or wanted to soothe my arms weary from hugs absent-mindedly received for no warmth nor redemption
I’ve felt the need to empty those rotting night stories untold
Wished to unveil those secret intentions of solitude then lash them dead, out, cold…
And give in to those tempting moments that push me to unplug and end it all
Unburden love and redeem my shoulders jump over oblivion’s creaky wall, 
Love fastens those strings that it skillfully held
Uproots me and replants the remnants in places where other hearts have been felled
And I succumb to its consuming power 
I rebundle years, tears, silent fears I run for cover… 
To that something I built remotely truth-like
On that stone of barren, cold, lonely hike
It seems like another meaningless pursuit of emptiness 

Yet, still, I’ll go on – no reason no rhyme
Until the merciless curtain call of time 
Beckons the burden of love to unbind
The likes of me burdened by love muted and blind.

Picture by Designecologist (Pexels)

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