Destructive Utopia

Destructive Utopia is a state inspired by a road accident I met with in 2016. This was a personal experience which I went through and accepted it to overcome that phase. I met with an accident which changed my emotional as well as physical state in life. This accident had a major impact on my emotional well-being. I faced the extremes of my life from being a confident, ambitious girl to a timid laid-back person. I was at the best phase of my career and life, but when I met with this accident, my life turned upside down making me pessimistic about everything around. I was a person who was enthusiastic about life, but I was shocked to find myself hating everything around when I returned to my workplace. Suddenly, everything around me was not exciting me anymore, and I realized that in the past one month I had started liking the fact that I was doing absolutely nothing. I had started appreciating all the pain I had gone through. This state was followed by dizziness and unclear visions occasionally. I call this phase Destructive Utopia “because I was enjoying the state of being getting destroyed and I was finding solace in ruining myself. This series has my self-portrait and my own CT scan reports which are later converted to prints.

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