Today man puts pen to paper,
And before that ink to parchment;
Even before, walls and caves
Acted as his or her canvas.
Soon only taps on screens
Will register, thoughts and ideas,
Retain who we were,
Who we are and,
who we aspired to be.

Ever lost a diary,
That captured a slice of life itself,
To renovating houses, calamities,
Or just plain old negligence?

Just the thought makes me shiver.
A piece of what stores memories,
Records history, lost!

But to put you out of
Existential misery
Or drown you even further,
One day life itself
Will be lost;
Exactly the way it was found.

Bang and we are gone.

Picture by Greg Rakozy

जानती हूँ

कौन रहता साथ हमेशा,
जानती हूँ, फिर भी चाहती हूँ.••••
वो भी इस बात में
शामिल है,
जानती हूँ,फिर भी कहती हूँ•••••
चुन रही हूँ,गुलों की
शक्ल मे काँटे,
जानती हूँ,फिर भी
चुनती हूँ•••••
या तो रुक जाऊँ,
या गम उठाऊँ,
या छोड के निकल जाऊँ,
जानती हूँ,फिर भी चलती हूँ•••••
दर्द का दर्द ही दवा मेरी,
जानती हूँ,फिर भी रोती हूँ•••••


ख्वाबों को हक़ीक़त,
समझने लगी,
तब से परेशां,
मैं रहने लगी••••••!
कुछ नहीं,
बंद पलकों के परे
स्याह अंधेरों के सिवा,
उन्हीं स्याही से,
रंगीन सपने,मैं
उकेरने लगी.•••••••!!
क्या तस्वीर बनती,
क्या बनाये जा रही हूँ,
खामखाँ लकीरें,
खीचनें लगी•••••!!!
हांथ खाली
न रंग,न कलम
फिर भी किस्से कई
मैं बनाने लगी••••••!!!!
तन्हा राहों की
मैं तन्हा राहगीर,
अपनी तन्हाई से,
इश्क़ मैं करने लगी••••••!

सुन लीजिए

कुछ नहीं मै,
बस धड़कते दिल के सिवा,
गर महसूस हो तो,
महसूस कर लिजिये..
भावों का ही बस,
है मुझमें बसेरा,
यकीं गर हो तो,
बस जाईये..
और कुछ नहीं,
बस खाली हूँ मैं,
चुप सदाओं को मेरी
ही सुन लीजिए.


This work, made of small yet strong brushstrokes, is meant to illustrate the strength of a woman. I was inspired by myself, for I may not have had an easy life but that has not made me neglect the colors of Life. I have been blessed with the ability to see all the pieces fall in place time and again; that is my infinite strength.


This self-portrait was inspired by the concept of Bibhatsam, one of the Navrasas (Nine Emotions). Bibhatsam is the complex feeling of nausea and disgust that goes on to allow more pleasant emotions. Characterized by the color blue, the smile on my face was meant to show that even in the face of unpleasant circumstances, one must keep in mind that is it but a moment of your life that you are experiencing, and better moments will come to follow.

Floating Goddess

A woman lays down, almost floating, an unconventional Sleeping Beauty. With her black locks of hair underneath and a lotus to symbolize her purity, she could belong to the vast pantheon of Indian gods.


Tulips come together, albeit of the difference in their colour. I find it ironic how well they complement each other so well when men of different color war with one another.


Silhouettes can be seen briefly as Peter Pan flies off with his newly-made friends to Neverland. I painted this wistfully, trying to capture my longing for freedom in this painting.


A painting inspired by the Mughal portraits of old. It shows a well-adorned woman staring into space. Lost in thought she remains oblivious to the fate the Empire would succumb to.