The Window

There is a window,
Just a few meters from where I stand.
It takes me through the bustle
Of city streets and lights;
Just beyond the cars and vans,
Their noises and chatter;
To where vast waters meet the sand;
Where waves crest onto the feet of children.

It can’t possibly be audible,
But I can hear their laughter and abandon.
I can’t possibly feel it, but I am sure the ocean breeze
Is working hard to beat the summer heat.
I can’t possibly see it but I am sure,
Both, this placid afternoon
And the accompanying seas,
Are playing host to many a smile.

And even though all I do is watch,
For I am parted from the seas and their beaches,
By roads, cars and vans,
I know that I am a mere glance away
From escaping what lies
On the other side of this window,
Just behind where I stand.

By Anirudh Dalmia

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